Omni is a premier training & consulting organisation having expertise in conducting in-house training programmes on a large number of management topics. We have vast experience in planning, designing and conducting domain specific training programs for top, middle management & frontline level, so as to enable them to perform their duties more effectively and shoulder greater responsibilities in the future, by increasing their professional competence.
We create, among the participants a positive and innovative outlook to work with a sense of team spirit. We also collaborate with client organisation with continued interface for enhancing their effectiveness by our training programs. We assist the management to diagnose leadership, team effectiveness, communication, quality, safety, environment and process related issues, which in turn show immediate results and make a positive impact on the bottom line. We also help build organisational competence to enable long-term success.
We customise the content to the needs of the target participants, so that the skills and experience of the participants can be drawn upon in planning case studies or sample scenarios. The process includes role-plays that involve learning through doing, observing and providing feedback and analysis. Role-playing can be used to examine problems, investigate facts, and predict responses to advocacy approaches. We try to improve existing level of skills & knowledge so that the employee is better equipped to do his present job or job involving higher responsibilities. We help organizations in bridging the gap between what the employee has v/s what is his potential as well as what the job demands.
We offer our services in conducting in-house training programs on a large number of topics, which help organizations to:
• Prepare employees for more responsible positions.
• Bring about change in attitudes of employees in all directions.
• Reduce supervision time, reduce wastage & produce quality products.
• Reduce defects & minimize accident rate.
• Absorb new skills & technology & improve knowledge
Managers get a better insight with clear focus on:
• How to measure success and create sustainable improvements in organization effectiveness.
• How to formulate and answer the important questions that top management cares about.
• How planning dynamically drives truly meaningful executive development
• To analyse and present the data and discuss multiple sets of potential action and strategies.
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