Table of Content
   • Instructor Led Classroom Training for Product/Process (ILT)
   • On Job Performance Enhancement Coaching (OJT)
   • Train The Trainer (TTT)
   • Quality: ISO, Six Sigma Workshops/Certifications/Audit.
   • Outbound Experiential & Creativity workshop / Leadership Development Programmes.
  Instructor Led Classroom Training for Product/Process (ILT)
This is initiation/induction training benefiting, primarily frontline Sales/Customer Care/Collection executives.
Participants are given insights on related issues through a combination of; presentations/videos for better understanding of the subject, discovery learning through interactive (fun) activities, role plays and reinforcements through workbook and various recap techniques. This enables easy recall of concepts, through natural learning and enhances retention to long-term memory.
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  On Job Performance Enhancement Coaching (OJT)
Participants are coached at workplace to implement learnings assimilated during classroom training. This is a time tested and proven method to ensure adherence to process. Participants are observed at actual workplace, their weak spots identified & coached thereafter to help rectify mistakes and improve effectiveness.
This concept is based on building upon (feedback) strengths, reinforcing what went well, as well as identifying inadequacies & what is required to be done to address areas needing improvements. It involves a high degree of involvement by coach that helps participant improve his contribution towards achieving effectiveness of the organisation. .
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  Train The Trainer (TTT)
Any training intervention is incomplete without active involvement by supervisor/middle managerial professionals. Very few people are born trainers, and most of those who wish to be trainers require training. Even those few who are born trainers benefit from training, and their effectiveness is enhanced as a result. We help teach training & coaching skills for middle managers.
This programme is aimed to enable trainer develop & deliver effective training sessions. Participants learn how to coach and give effective feedback to team members, to help their personal and professional development. Managers learn different models of coaching & mentoring, how to give positive and constructive feedback.
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  Quality: ISO, Six Sigma Workshops/Certifications/Audit.
Six Sigma is a highly disciplined approach that enables us to focus on creating and delivering nearly perfect products and services. The underlying idea being that if you can measure how many "defects" you have in a process, you can systematically figure out a way to eliminate them and get as close to "zero defects" as possible.
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  Outbound Experiential & Creativity workshop / Leadership Development Programmes.
Every organization focuses on increasing the efficiency, maximizing effectiveness and optimizing cost with respect to its People, Products and Technology it uses to provide, services & products valued by customers. These are leadership related issues. We strongly believe that the organisations need much broader range of people action that is informed, committed and inspired-to help organizations in an era of ever changing business environment.
Through Omni’s “Experiential & Creativity Workshops© ” we educate, train, coach through interactive simulations enabling them to unleash their potential so that they can work effectively in teams to contribute meaningfully to the organizational and their own career aspirations.
We do scenario simulation, drawing from the learning of strategy and tactics applied in military science. Participants in the learning intervention are placed in a highly competitive and uncertain environment where the need is to achieve a pre-determined objective. It can be designed as a Leadership Program, a Team Building Program, a Management Development Program and even a programme designed to develop the Killer Instinct in sales teams. The equipment comprises of wireless sets, laptops, maps, compass and other aids.
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